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Officer introduction

James Diamond Durant.jpg

Durant James Joseph

President and CEO

Born in New York, USA Currently living in Tokyo


In 1993, he came to Japan with an offer for a large-scale music project from a major entertainment production company. Since then, he has been active in the Japanese music scene for 28 years.


My mission is to live a rich life together with you regardless of race, nationality, age, or occupation through music, Japanese culture, and food. And we will connect high-level creative music and Japanese culture to the future and deliver happiness to everyone with all our heart.


Please check here for his full profile. 


Yuki Fujihira


Born in Chiba Currently living in Tokyo

In 1980, from the relationship with a major music promoter who is a close friend, he has been making efforts for a long time to open a certain production office and discover musicians. He hit it off with CEO James and continues to run on a three-legged race.


Based on the CEO's mission, I will strive to connect with the world that will lead the new era, focusing on community-based activities.

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